Joaquin Crespo Lopes was born into a Portuguese family in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1984. Where he began with classical ballet classes at the age of 9 years with teachers Wassil Tupin and Mercedes Serrano. Next year he joined the Higher Institute of Arts from Colon Theatre where he meets the teacher Leandro Regueiro who would became later his mentor. He remains eight years until the moment of graduation wich included the Elena Smirnova award for outstanding student of the institution.

DSC05916At age 16 he began his professional experience in Teatro Argentino de La Plata, with director Zarko Previl and ballet masters Vilen Galstyan and Nadia Dautyan where he develops solo roles. Later he joined the Ballet Estable del Teatro Colon, directed by Marta Garcia and Orlando Salgado. In 2002, he emphasizes his work and is awarded in the Arabesque International Ballet Competitions in Perm, Russia and Prague, Czech Republic. Thanks to which, his career gives an international jump and moved to the city of Hamburg, Germany to work at the Hamburg Ballet from John Neumeier’s hand.

After two years, in 2005, he moved to the city of Madrid, Spain to join the Compañia Nacional de Danza 2 from director Nacho Duato and Tony Fabre. Here is where began his contemporary dancer career.

In 2007, Joaquin takes a breath from Europe and moved to the city of Philadelphia as a soloist dancer where he join the Pennsylvania Ballet directed by Roy Kaiser for a period of one year to then return back in Madrid in 2008 and join, this time the Compañia Nacional de Danza directed by Nacho Duato. Here he develops many roles and find own identity in his works.

In 2012, his solo career continued with Ballet Basel, in Switzerland. Directed by Richard Wherlock where he remained until 2014.

Joaquin is currently residing in the city of Basel and continues to develop his career as a freelance dancer, as well as dabbling in choreography and development of own projects of humanitarian and social issues. Joaquin is also professor at the University of Basel and various movement centers in the disciplines of ballet and modern dance.

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